Leadership Team

Henry Voss

Born at a very young age in the north of Germany, Henry has paradoxically been called “the German with a sense of humour”. Two consecutive years of global travel searching for paradise led him to Cape Town. He has never left. Henrys deep knowledge, skill and network in the residential and commercial property markets are casually intimidating. At the helm of Fullhouse, Henry’s passion, drive and strategic guidance create a world class business that delivers. Driven by a team of hand selected professionals, only the best will do. The biggest global brand in Real Estate thinks so too. If ever you are in need of wisdom, care or assistance just look up and you’ll find Henrys smile and warm helping hand.

Peter Olivier

He may be 6 foot 7 and over a 100kgs, but the only thing this guy tackles is problems. He’s a digital native who has worked on developing some top class digital marketing strategies for big brands; and knows that python script is not a pet snake. Besides his project management, marketing and sales skills, Peter has also chipped in from the green-side bunker.

Warren Bezuidenhout

An ardent lover of nature and the planet, Warren’s nomadic spirit has explored many of the roads less travelled. An independent thinker with traces of anarchy provides valuable insight into business challenges. Inspired by creative problem solving, you may need to switch him off. He brings a kaleidoscope of asset management experience and an upbeat attitude making him fairly pleasant to work with. Investment and project funding are his responsibility. His philosophy is simple…”Do or do not, there is no try”. …Yoda

Sales Team

Melissa Murtagh

Kapow…..here’s Melissa. Having hung up her dancing shoes, (albeit only professionally) her natural upbeat infectious positivity makes her deadly effective when it comes to selling. Melissa’s genuine goodness radiates like a halo around her, always leaving her clients dazzled and grateful. We could drone on about how enthusiastic and smart she is. Brilliant at identifying the right steps with the right dance when it comes to property. So we do. She’s a natural. A creative spirit that lives by the mantra, “failure cannot live with persistence and lots of smiling”.

Cal de Beer

Cal’s yearning for wide open spaces draws him to scale mountains in a single leap. He calls it the most honest place on earth. His second love is property. With his feet firmly located on terra firma, he’s a first choice for new home owners or straight shooting professional, honest investment advice. Cal’s motto in life is “Freeeeeeeeedom…… unless of course you have a property you would like to buy or sell”.

Wayn McFadden

With a smile that, if not kill, may seriously maim, Wayn is a beacon of pearly whites. Spending a good portion of his life’s quota travelling the world, running hotels and generally being fabulous; Wayn came to his senses and opted for an inspiring life trading immovable assets. Successful from the start due to high levels of dedication, commitment, exceptional service and loyalty, Wayn soars like and eagle with great teeth. No property deal is too big or small to chew on. His clients refuse to deal with anyone else. He is the “McFadden factor” and not to be trifled with.

Hayden McGregor

Hayden does things with flair and style. Basically, he's good at everything, including being extremely humble. Having taken one small step (read "nano-step") upwards (debatable) from the gutters of the legal fraternity into the hallowed halls of Real Estate, 12 years of earth-shattering sales figures haven't blunted his drive to beat all others into submission with his magnificent sales acumen. And of course he's a really nice guy, to boot (not to kick!).

Tonya Keppel Smith

This fleet footed gazelle spent 14 highly successful years at Primedia Broadcasting, generating an acute wisdom in sales. Tonya’s tenacious nature coupled with an excellent taste in wine has facilitated the building of an extensive client network and extremely successful property track record. Her eerie, yet highly intuitive understanding of her client’s needs create levels of trust that border on supernatural. Independent, yet an excellent team player, Tonya’s skill set is highly sought after ergo she works with us.