Property Owner

Fullhouse provides property owners a turnkey one point contact solution for evaluating, developing and or selling your property.

We offer

  • - Property evaluation
  • - Specialised contract advice
  • - Unique end to end approach
  • - Sales negotiation
  • - Legal advice
  • - Tax assistance
  • - Team of top legal and tax advisors

Our Process

Our one contact system provides you with access to our highly sophisticated team of professionals.

We assess, evaluate and compile turnkey solution for our clients from a property sales and consultancy perspective.

Intimately understanding our customers’ needs from the outset allows us to sculpt solutions that ensure a win- win situation for all parties involved.

If you wish to sell outright, develop your property or create a joint venture, our job is to ensure that Fullhouse finds you the correct strategic fit.

Working hard to manage your expectations and develop your vision.

Our core principles drive us to ensure that our clients receive only the best.